Sunday, November 14, 2010

Living in the Short North I always see some really stylish moms. They shop at the local boutiques, hair always kept nicely, keep up with the latest fashion trends that are appropriate for their age. Basically the mom that your guy friends always check out. These women would be called "COUGARS". The other day I went to Easton Mall and I was so confused. Every single mom shopping looked exactly the same. And not in a good way. Every ladies style looked like Talbots threw up on them. These women I like to call "Soccer Moms." Lets break down the style shall we?

A woman isn't a soccer mom until she owns a mini van. It is a perfect size to fit her kids with all their sporting goods or to take them to the schools field trip.

Where do I even begin to explain my hatred against this hairstyle? We could start off by discussing the shitty highlights done from a box? Or the over load of hairspray making her hair look crunchy? Or maybe the ugly hair flip at the end? Either way, it's all hideous and any hairstylist that has done this to a poor woman should hand over their licensce and find a new profession immediately.


These jeans are worn by every single soccer mom known in history. It is probably the worse trend that has lasted waaaaay too long. And the thing that I don't get is that it is worn by a woman any shape or size and no matter the figure.. it is unflattering on EVERY WOMAN. So why haven't these jeans died yet?

Every person likes to wear comfortable shoes I get it. But that doesn't mean you have to go out to kmart and buy the ugliest sneakers or flats ever made. The best part is when ladies buy flats like these and wear their holiday socks too..

I really want to find the actual woman Vera Bradley and smack her in the face. She has made millions off of these grandma quilted bags and it is such a shame. I don't get it? There is nothing cute about these bags yet every Gahanna mom owns one. Wait till I meet this lady..

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Last night Taylor texts me to come to BOMA to see him and his friends skate for this Snowboard After Party. So I showed up and was all wierded out by the vibe and the majority of the people that were there. While Taylor and some of his friends were skating things got really interesting.. All the sudden I see a group of girls (RAMP TRAMPS) run on top of one of the boxes and just start dancing.  So of course the guys that were skating got annoyed quick. Taylor and Darius were skating anyway running over their drinks and then Darius just skate right in the middle of them. Luckily, Michael had his camera out and recorded it for everyone to see just what they missed out on. Enjoy.

Fall Edit_Boma Fiasco from michael newton on Vimeo.

This is some footage Michael has had from the past few months.
FOr the BOMA SLORE section go to about 2:40

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yes, I am sad to say that winter is making its way into Ohio and I'm not sure if I'm prepared. I especially am not prepared because I don't have a winter coat! I'm tired of the puffy marshmallow coats. So where are my choices?! What options do I have to rock a coat that I don't like a snowman in but still keeps me warm?
One of my favorite online shopping stores called NASTYGAL looks like it will be solving my problem. Nasty Gal has both options for New Brands of clothing from accessories, coats and shoes and also yes.. a Vintage Section that has sooo many great choices and reasonable prices! Now the only difficult thing I'm dealing with now is that there is so much to choose from :)