Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bet She Won't @ You?!

Alright, so pretty much everyone has a twitter account so I am sure a lot of you know what I'm about to be discussing. It's the tweet that is about YOU but doesn't mention your name at all. So lets say you run into a "FRENEMY" (term discovered from THE BOOBS) at a party or any kind of outing and the two of you exchange dirty looks.. Nothing too major but you are giving her the look that is stating to her that you just can't stand her even if the two of you have mutual friends.
So the next day.. You pretty much forget about the encounter you had with the hoochie until you see your newsfeed is blowin up with her tweets.. tweeting about a certain girl and putting all her business out there and you start to put the puzzle together and realize this trick is talking about YOU. How do you respond to a tweet that is about you but isn't directed to you? Do you respond by not mentioning her name either..? But that would just be ignorant. Are you sure she is even talking about you? All these questions come to your head about these dumb ass tweets this girl is posting and you don't know what to do.. because honestly if you have the nerve to talk about someone via TWITTER then don't you have the guts to "@" me or what?! Come on ladies it just doesnt make sense to me. Direct it towards me or don't tweet at all. Feel meh?!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

i ♥ wild fox

So the other day I was at a coffee shop because it's too hot to hangout at my house and was looking at some lookbooks online and came across Wild Fox. I always knew about this brand but never really peeped it out. All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE.

This is Wild Fox Fall 2010: It's Witch Craft video peep it.

Wildfox Couture Fall 2010:  It's Witchcraft from WILDFOX PR on Vimeo.

Also check the wildfox blog @

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I've come to realize white girls have built the reputation on drinking really heavily and acting rowdy. Walking into the bar cute and an hour later leaving the bar looking a hot mess. I have to say the class is fading away. I mean I like to celebrate any occasion I can with my ladies but DAMN! Some of these girls get to be so out of control.

Steps to the evening..

Getting Ready!

This is usually the funnest part about going out. Putting on your new Wet Seal dress and those cute pink pumps you've been practicing to walk in for weeks, just got your blonde streaks touched up in your hair and you just feel like showing yourself off to the world! It's fun getting ready! Talking about what to expect for the evening, who is going to wear what and who is going to talk to who.

Pre Gaming

So now that you took two hours to get ready and you are feeling too cute.. you can't forget to pregame?! Pre gaming seems to be a big part of the evening. This is where the group of girls you are going out with that night get together at someones house and drink and begin the party before the actual event that you are actually going to go to.

Now the fun begins..

Now you're having a great time. The DJs are playing your favorite songs! And you and your girls are shining. Nothing can put you down! You've got all the moves, your hair is sweating out a little but that's okay you still feel great. Shots are on the cute boy across the bar and you are feeling to fly. And now that cranberry&vodka is starting to go down like water..

Sleeping in the Club

So you are dancing and laughing having a great time with the girls and all the sudden.. you don't feel too well. It's either a sick feeling in the stomach or that whiskey is kicking in and you need a quick power nap. You hear your friend waking you up but all you can think of is sleeping in your bed.

Emotions taking over..

So you were just having a good time.. what happened? Ex boyfriend shows up and he is holding hands with a brand new babe. All the sudden you don't feel that cute anymore. "Why me?! Why does everything happen to me?!" And now everyone who gives you a compliment suddenly seems to be offensive. This is where you need to take your friend and bring her home.. she's had enough fun for the night.

The day after..

Okay so overall you had a pretty fun night.. but maybe too much fun. Maybe you drunk texted an ex lover you shouldn't have texted. Or maybe you told a secret to a friend you shouldn't have said ANYTHING to because she has a big mouth. Or maybe overall you just made yourself look like a sloppy mess.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today's Cravings


Lets Talk About: Italians

I grew up in a very Italian family. Always speaking Italian in the house, eating pasta at least twice a day, loud family, always having something to say even if you don't want to hear it.. so on and so on. I love my culture couldn't see myself being anything else but Italian. The thing I despise.. is this new "Italian" Movement. Ever since Real House Wives of New Jersey and Jersey Shore came out I feel like people think that is what a typical Italian is. Not going to lie the shows are pretty entertaining but they are an embarrassment.

I mean I just never understood where this "look" came from? The overly hair sprayed hair, the orange tinted skin, dark makeup and tribal tattoos.  I'm just really fascinated by the Guido Movement. Where was this originated? Who created this new generation of Italians? Why is being overly tan and using a whole tube of gel on your head make you think you look attractive?

I've always wondered what really went through these people's heads. The thing that scares me is that not only is the populations of the Guido's growing but it's definitely making its ways towards Ohio. 

The Perfect Look

1. Ed Hardy
I'm not sure how some of these designers get to be so popular. The bill folded, bedazzled, and overall design just burns my eyes.

2. The "Club" Dress

3. The "Prom" now "Club" heel
I love how the classic recycled silver heels that girls wear to the club that they wore at their junior prom. At least they get their moneys worth.

4. The "Guido" Dance

and lastly.. don't forget..
5. The TAN

Combining all those classic pieces I decided to create my own Guidette look.
What yall think?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

baby girl.. what were you thinking?

I have to admit lately I have seen A LOT of questionably dressed ladies in Columbus. Did you really look at your self this morning and say "you know these pink crocs with my high socks and light wash jean skirt really looks flattering on me" or "you know I'm too lazy to put on a pair of jeans and a tshirt.. I'm going to wear my PJs to the mall to meet the gals for lunch.. but if i throw this cute coach purse and throw my greasy hair in a sloppy bun.. I'll look great." I really don't get it. What made you girls think that's okay?
Anyway these are a few "trendy" fashion items that I really wouldn't mind if it just fell off the earth.

1. The Kitten Heel

I really never understood the "kitten heel". I feel that if you are going to wear heels you need to go HARD or GO HOME. Either wear 4 inch heels or wear flats. What's this half way look? Not cute.

2. Jeggings

Drawn zipper, pockets, and the rips are drawn in too? Enough said.

3. Sweatpants with heels

Since when did this trend come along? Lazy meets chic? I don't think so.

4. Vera Bradley

I cannot stress enough how much I hate Vera Bradley. When did your grandmothers style becoming fashionable and so.. popular? I can't go to the mall without counting at least 20 annoying white girls rocking these hideous bags. What is so cute about these? ..nothing.

I remember these.. cute tennis players wear them and they were worn in the early 90's. It is 2010. Rita and I were blinded by these three girls wearing skorts with their booty cheeks basically out. What made them even THINK it was okay to wear this out? The sad things is I thought maybe it's just those 3 hoochies wearing those but I unfortunalty saw a girl yesterday wearing one of these things too. What a mess.

Wilmington, NC