Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010


    Working at Sole Classics I get to meet some of the best people of Columbus especially everyone from Kingsrowe. Kingsrowe is like a community. To the actual brand, to music artists, to throwing events.. Kingsrowe is a locally known brand spreading quickly. The website is pretty self explanatory, from blog posting about the latest street fashion trends to posts about music and entertainment, this website has it all. Not only that but is backed up by the best sneaker boutique in Ohio, Sole Classics
    So this summer, Kreg & Dez from Kingsrowe came out with a hit called Stupid Fruity Hookah. Playing around on the track, it got noticed and was even played at some local parties and clubs and even mentioned in the Alive . The name so catchy even got its own flavor at the local Short North Hookah Bar right on High Street (I suggest you try it). These guys clown so hard. Support your local artists yeah!

Download Kreg & Dez Mixtape here: NikeXHenesseyXWomen
Check out the Kingsrowe blog here: Kingsrowe
And check out the Sole Classics website: Sole Classics
Or visit the store at 765 N.High Street Columbus, Ohio 43201 (614)299-2290

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daily Inspiration: Leah McSweeney

Leah McSweeney is the founder and CEO of one my favorite brands Married to the Mob. The brand isn't just fashionable and always up to date with the latest trends but I feel it is a movement. In one of her interviews Leah talks about how there are so many sweet brands that are only all menswear and she wanted to change that so she created this girl power, "sexy but not to be messed with" clothing line. From loud tees to MOB varsity jackets to trendy dresses, Married to the Mob has it all.
This girl is one of my true inspirations because she knows exactly what she wants for her brand and she doesn't care about what anyone has to say about it. I love the attitude she has because of her passion that she has for fashion and her MOB living life. My dream is to one day work for her, I think she really has something good going on. Get it Girl!

Check out the website and peep the new Fall lookbook
Also, the MOB Blog

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yes, Halloween is coming up and I am still having trouble of what I want to be. The girls and I always go somewhere together and get all fancy or sometimes scary and have a great time. It's always fun to dress up into something ridiculous, be covered in fake blood or show a little skin but some of these girls take it to whole other level.
Halloween is the one day out of the year that a girl can put on their 8 inch stripper heels, lingerie and a halo and go as "the innocent angel" and get away with it. What's the point of even wearing the halo? Lets be honest here.. Your idea was not to look like an angel because if that were the case you would have worn a long white dress covering all your skin with a gold halo. Not a lingerie outfit from VS showin off the goodies.
I'm just saying don't pretend like you don't know what I am talking about. Let's have a little taste ladies shall we?

..great costumes MK and Ash..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Taylor Nawrocki

As many of you all know I've been dating Taylor for almost 3 years. He honestly is one of the most outgoing, inspiring, and talented people I know. Skateboarding being one of his top priorities in life, he is always out there working his hardest to be to the top. Taylor rides for Embassy, Instrument , as well as Gravis and Analog.  Not only does he skate but he films and has a blog which he posts photo's of his trips of places he goes to and skates at.

Check out his mini interview for Instrument here

Also the most recent video he filmed of his trip with the boys to Boston:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Barefoot at the Club

The other day Amanda and I were getting ready for the night and when we were slipping on our heels we were talking about girls that don't know how to walk in them. I don't know how many times we have been out and by the middle of the night at a party when everyone is dancing we see girls taking off their heels and putting them by the DJ booth and going back to the dance floor to dance. Ladies.. what is even the point of putting on heels if you a.) don't know how to walk in them and b.) you just end up looking dumb.  I don't get it?! I feel like these girls just make themselves at home when they are at the club. Well I got news for you.. you aren't at home. Put your damn shoes back on and act like a lady and next time throw those forever 21 flats on because this look is just a mess. Nobody wants to see those damn crusty toes of yours.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Now I am a big fan of all kinds of music. From Hip Hop to Pop to even Country. Either way I respect the talent that musicians have to offer to their fans and show everyone just how hard they work to be the best. What makes me so mad is how some of these "Artists" become famous and they sing worse then I do.. and trust me I can't sing worth a damn. 
I heard KE$HA about a year ago on her first "hit" Blah Blah Blah. I was thinking okay she's new maybe her next song that comes out will be better but really her shit just got worse. 
You would think since she sucks at performing and singing maybe she would cover that by having good style. But what do I know? I sure didn't think smelly chuck taylors, shirts and tights with holes, greasy krimped hair, and black eyes for make up was fashionable. 

Give me a fucking break.

Friday, October 1, 2010


School just started back up and the best way to get to each class is by riding my little pink single speed. It's cute and I get to every destination quick. But I feel like me and just a few other kids on campus ride normal bikes. Every single girl there rides the biggest mountain bikes I have ever seen in my life. First of all I live in Columbus, Ohio.. I have not seen one damn mountain in Ohio so I don't know why this transporting trend even popped off. These ENORMOUS bikes aren't only 3 times bigger then the girls but they look so ugly. Not only are they ugly but the brobabes on campus that ride these look like they are struggling. They push so hard and break a sweat while me walking i get to the same place quicker then them. These MEGA bikes are hideous and seem pretty pointless to ride in the city.