Monday, December 20, 2010

I Can See Ya Panties..

I feel like this subject can be a little tough. Usually when getting ready for the day you check yourself out and make sure you are looking good before you step out the door. But not every girl turns around to check that behind before going. Usually, wearing a thong really does the trick to hiding that hideous line around your booty making the shape of 4 cheeks. But sometimes it creeps on you and the whole world from behind will know not only what kind of underwear you have on but even what color (khaki's and white bottoms will do that). So how do we avoid this situation? I personally think going "comando" is so gross and makes me feel un comfortable. Spanx? but those are kind of weird too..  Whatever it is that makes you feel better just make sure you aren't showin the world what you have on underneath.

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