Monday, December 13, 2010

Just because it's warm doesn't make it okay..

Before I begin on my rage of winter gear no no's I want to take a moment to apologize to my little readers. I know I've been slacking.. but I have been super busy. Just finished with finals and working a lot.
For today's sesh I would like to share my thoughts with you all on womens winter gear no no's. Winter is a great time to show off that nice warm coat and sexy boots. BUT this is probably the season with the WORST gear ever. I know it's cold so people want to keep warm but that isn't an excuse to walk around looking crazy.


 The other weekend I was out with some girls of mine having a great time. I saw this really cute girl with a pretty cocktail dress and cute heels and I was thinking how adorable she looked until.. she put on her damn northface... Are you kidding me? I get it.. North Faces are warm and comfy but if you are already going out of your way to put on a tight dress and uncomfortable heels at least get a nice jacket to compliment your dress.. A north face is not to be worn for every occasion. Lets get it together.


I really wonder how many maltese dogs they killed to make one pair? These are disgusting and I can't even believe someone would buy these. What's the point? They are going to get so wet and dirty from the muddy snow. After wearing them once you will look like you are wearing wet pups on your feet. Gross.


How many times can I say NO to this trend. Open toed heels are kept for Summer and Spring and closed toe is all year long depending on the style. Only a few girls have I seen can pull off open toed heels with tights. But most girls can not pull this type of trend. There is a time and place for everything and open toed shoes are not to be worn in the winter.


Carina said...

Agreed agreed agreed. Especially with the Northface rant. They're already gross with casual wear (which, for wearers undoubtedly include Uggs and Hollister jeans), but over a cocktail dress? What the hell I don't even. Siiigh

Cristina said...

i knew you'd feel me on this carina haha