Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Shape Is The Right Shape?

Every woman on this planet has dealt with some issue about their appearance. Whether it's their boobs that aren't big enough or maybe they are too short or too tall. I myself haven't always been the most secure about my body. Feeling that maybe I am "too curvy" or my hair is too big or too wavy. But really why do us women complain? Why is there only ONE certain body type that is considered "sexy." Why is it that a model has to look a certain way and starve themselves to look "perfect". Who ever said that being a twig was perfect anyway?
The point is I always hear girls complaining about the imperfections of their body. Too be honest we can't help what shape we were born with because our shapes are past down from our mamma's.. and our mamma's mamma's.  And instead of complaining why not celebrate? And just because your body isn't identical to Kim's or Natalie Portman's doesn't mean your body isn't just as beautiful.
In the end, I think the sexiest thing a woman can do is be confident about themselves.

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