Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just Ask Gabrielle: BASIC BROADS

 Every time Gabby and I go out we always have the best time. About 75% of the fun comes from laughing at BB's in Columbus. Whether it's us laughing at their hideous outfits or a BB passed out with her booty hanging out in the Taco Bell parking lot at 3 a.m. So I decided to do a mini interview with my girl to see what exactly what a BB is and really go behind this issue.

1. Define what a Basic Broad is:
 A BB is a girl that is comfortable with routine. Afraid to step outside the box, simple and predictable.

 2. What does a BB do? What are her interests?
 A BB goes to college.  Now hollllup hol hol holllldup, never said college was bad but the majority of broads walking around campus are well, BASIC.  A BB's interests...drinks specials at the shitty college drawn bars, stupid events that include the words "college night" and shopping inside the mall to find that perfect simple ass dress for the weekend.

3. What is a BB schedule like? What does she do all day?
School work of course, wouldnt wanna let mommy and daddy down. Getting wasted to the point of taking your shoes off in a bar/club.  #wheretheydothatat, and then wondering out their dorm in the AM with PINK or LOVE stretched across their aweful VS sweatpants and bad flip flops to find food.

4. Where does a BB love to shop? What does she wear during the day?
 The mall.  A BB would cry if they got dropped in a boutique or had to order something offline. I CALL "EM MICROWAVE OUTFITS.  ITS ALL CONNECTED AND READY TO WEAR.  SHITS TRIFE!!!!!!!!!! You'll find a BB in VS sweatpants, flip flops or Uggs an oversized shirt/North face depending on the weather. They don't give 2 Fucks about appearance between the hours of 11am-6pm after that its some skank ass dress from forever 21 and some really bad heels that are probably 2 sizes too big or small.

5. Obviously a BB has some sort of a nightlife. Where does her and her girls go out in Columbus? What would she be wearing?
I will never set a stiletto in Sugar bar ever for this here fact that any girl that is between the ages of 18-21 is in that bar.  They cant dance, they cant handle their alcohol, and sures to hell cant dress. Gateway is the PERFECT spot to BB watch.  I know I went to ugly tuna once and refuse to show my face there ever again.  Anything that is tight, glittery, and aweful is on a BB's.  Forever 21 is a second home to them. They can find a whole damn outfit in that bitch.  Drunk or not these bitches cant walk in heels. 

6. What does her generic dream boy look like? What does he do for hobbies/interests?
They usually meet in school.  College sweethearts.  He sucks, he probably wears affliction and flip flops, maybe even a hemp necklace. He may think hes a surfer or a cage fighter either way hes just a spoiled idiot that has NO fashion sense what so ever. He drinks until he decides to fight someone but really gets his ass handed to him. He thinks he runs shit, and 75% of the time has jelled or spiked hair. He's a complete loss. He works out, eats, and drinks.  He doesn't care about school, he just cares how tight his abs look.

I'm glad Gabby and I got to see this. Taco Bell 3a.m

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miss blaze said...

these photos are killing me!!!!! they should have just left that BB!

Carina said...

haaaa,Gabby is fucking hilarious. Love this post.

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