Monday, August 16, 2010

Lets Talk About: BROBABES

I am sad to say that Summer is coming to an end and school is about to start. I got accepted to Ohio State and am starting this Fall which I am extremely hyped about. What I will find "interesting" is the fashion that the girls at OSU wear. The problem I have is I feel like the majority of the ladies that go to OSU are all one person.. I can't tell the difference between them because they all LOOK and DRESS EXACTLY THE SAME from head to toe. I don't get it?
So I was thinking to myself what are these group of generic looking girls? They party with the bros, drink like bros, pretty much have the same fashion sense as bros do, and even talk about the same things bros do (who wore what, who did who, sports, what happened at the party last night). So I decided to give them the simple but good title "bro babes".
I just don't get why there is no originality. Why these generics have no fashion sense and wear the same outfit that every other girl wears on campus.

The "I don't care how I look" bun

Every time I see a broad with this bun I want scream. This lazy ass hair-do drives me nuts. You really didn't have time to brush your hair or at least put it in a nice pony tail? So ugly.

The Ohio State Tee

The Sweats

Man.. I see so many girls walking around in these. Wearing these tasteless sweats in public make me think how lazy of a person you are. You didn't have time to get out of your pj sweats into a pair of clean jeans?


This must be the longest and ugliest fashion trend to stick around. I remember seeing girls rock these back in early high school.. And girls are still wearing these. And not just in the winter time when they are actually needed.. in the summer too.. with Abercrombie jean skirts.

Ugly Designer Purses

So to top off the sloppy brobabe look to make your self not look so bad you carry an ugly bag from coach or like dooney&bourke.

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