Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let's Talk About: RAMP TRAMPS

So I have boyfriend and his name is Taylor and he rides for Embassy as well as Gravis and Instrument. We have been dating for well over 2 years now. In those 2 amazing years I have NEVER been at the skatepark with him. Because A.) I don't skate and B.) I dont want to sit at a bench and watch him skate and look stupid. I always joke around with him and say that we should go on a "SK8 D8" and he gets so mad just the thought of us skating together at the park haha. But I know he's not the only one that thinks Ramp Tramps are a turn off..
Now, before anyone gets offended I'm not talking about the girls that know how to skate and actually like to do it. I am talking about these RAMP TRAMPS. Ramp Tramps are the basics that go to a skate park to just... hangout..  I remember especially in High School I had a few friends and I'd ask them what they were doing on Friday night and some these girls would be like "Oh just getting ready and hanging at the skate park." For what? To try to get with some guys that skate? I never understood that. From what I can see guys go to skateparks.. to skate.. not talk to you wack girls.
Not only does their purpose at a skatepark really irritate me but you know it's the their "style" that makes me so angry.

Sk8r Girl Tees

Flared Jeans


This part of the Ramp Tramp's outfit is probably the worst thing on the planet. These bulky and overall gross shoes should be burned.

And the accessory..

GIRL.. you know good and well you do NOT skate.. why are you carrying around a skate board acting like you know what you are doing?  All I'm saying is this Ramp Tramp shit is not a good look and you aren't gonna get that Ryan Sheckler you've always wanted hanging out and watching him skate all afternoon. Get a life ladies.

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