Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Ask Al Buttas:

Decided to do a quick question and response interview with my friend Al Davis from Cincinnati about random shit. Check it!

1.Why do they call you Al Buttas?
Because when i was becoming a man, this women i hung around with said my skin was like brown chocalate butter. Sike na my boy cricket from when i was young called me that. He thought i was a smooth skateboarder and whats smoother than butter? NOTHING. Praise Allah and Jesus for that

2.Growing up in Cincinnati, what was your style like when you were young? Where were some places that you bought your "gear"
I was a lil kid that dressed like the black pro skaters i looked up to. Over sized pants, sagging them to the fullest, cincinnati new era hats, white tees(not tall white tee's tho), and any type of jersey. I would get in trouble for wearing baggy clothes at school. They was hand me down from my older brother Aarington. Me and my boys didnt care what people thought about us. All the girls was still hyped on his tho. I would get my gear from the thrift store. Keeping it real as I can be. Bow

3. Cute girl walks up to you and her breath is on funk mode.. How do you respond? 
Depends on what she looks like. If she was dope looking I would say wud up. But if she is butt I would give her some chewing gum and pass her to Cj and Franz like a real og I am. Yerp 

4. How do you feel about the "jerk" movement and their dresscode? 
Some of my boys try to dress like that, I can't help not to tell them how stupid they look. Including you girls that dress like that. Check yourself before you wreck yourself like wu tang told you. Church   

5. What do you think about girls who wear new eras? 
Ummmm girls that wear them should wash there balls. Cause you look and smell like a dirty scum wigger ol man. Church 

6. What does your dream girl dress like? 
Like a lady, but when she is at my spot chillin. She would walk around in boy short panties and a thin ass shirt so u can see her hard nipples poking out. Just real relax and not worried about be nearly nude. Church

7. Do you think girl that skate are attractive? 
HEELLLLL NA. Girls that skate should just run around there city and lose weight. Don't try to skate to lose weight. And if your only skating to get on with a guy skater. Just stop now because u will just get used by all his friends for you know what. Church

8. What are the top 5 things to do in Cincinatti? 
Bomb hills, chilling on wheeler block, go to a Cincinnati reds game, skate in the hood.  

9. Gucci or Jeezy? Why?
Neither, imma bump odb and old wu tang beats. Imma keep it raw when I'm in Cincinnati. 456 allday

10. What do you think is the worst fashion trend out there today? 
Ugg boots/ American apparel baggy euro pants/hood fools trying to wear vans and trying to look like skaters/homo thugs/Ed hardy crew/fake tanning type females trying to look like my African women with color/marks. 
P.s. If I have affended you in anyway I really don't care and I don't even know why you read this interview thingy. For all of u that was hyped on it. Be hyped and don't D#=+ ride on me. YERRRRRP

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