Monday, October 25, 2010


    Working at Sole Classics I get to meet some of the best people of Columbus especially everyone from Kingsrowe. Kingsrowe is like a community. To the actual brand, to music artists, to throwing events.. Kingsrowe is a locally known brand spreading quickly. The website is pretty self explanatory, from blog posting about the latest street fashion trends to posts about music and entertainment, this website has it all. Not only that but is backed up by the best sneaker boutique in Ohio, Sole Classics
    So this summer, Kreg & Dez from Kingsrowe came out with a hit called Stupid Fruity Hookah. Playing around on the track, it got noticed and was even played at some local parties and clubs and even mentioned in the Alive . The name so catchy even got its own flavor at the local Short North Hookah Bar right on High Street (I suggest you try it). These guys clown so hard. Support your local artists yeah!

Download Kreg & Dez Mixtape here: NikeXHenesseyXWomen
Check out the Kingsrowe blog here: Kingsrowe
And check out the Sole Classics website: Sole Classics
Or visit the store at 765 N.High Street Columbus, Ohio 43201 (614)299-2290

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