Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lets Talk About: Italians

I grew up in a very Italian family. Always speaking Italian in the house, eating pasta at least twice a day, loud family, always having something to say even if you don't want to hear it.. so on and so on. I love my culture couldn't see myself being anything else but Italian. The thing I despise.. is this new "Italian" Movement. Ever since Real House Wives of New Jersey and Jersey Shore came out I feel like people think that is what a typical Italian is. Not going to lie the shows are pretty entertaining but they are an embarrassment.

I mean I just never understood where this "look" came from? The overly hair sprayed hair, the orange tinted skin, dark makeup and tribal tattoos.  I'm just really fascinated by the Guido Movement. Where was this originated? Who created this new generation of Italians? Why is being overly tan and using a whole tube of gel on your head make you think you look attractive?

I've always wondered what really went through these people's heads. The thing that scares me is that not only is the populations of the Guido's growing but it's definitely making its ways towards Ohio. 

The Perfect Look

1. Ed Hardy
I'm not sure how some of these designers get to be so popular. The bill folded, bedazzled, and overall design just burns my eyes.

2. The "Club" Dress

3. The "Prom" now "Club" heel
I love how the classic recycled silver heels that girls wear to the club that they wore at their junior prom. At least they get their moneys worth.

4. The "Guido" Dance

and lastly.. don't forget..
5. The TAN

Combining all those classic pieces I decided to create my own Guidette look.
What yall think?

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