Wednesday, July 7, 2010

baby girl.. what were you thinking?

I have to admit lately I have seen A LOT of questionably dressed ladies in Columbus. Did you really look at your self this morning and say "you know these pink crocs with my high socks and light wash jean skirt really looks flattering on me" or "you know I'm too lazy to put on a pair of jeans and a tshirt.. I'm going to wear my PJs to the mall to meet the gals for lunch.. but if i throw this cute coach purse and throw my greasy hair in a sloppy bun.. I'll look great." I really don't get it. What made you girls think that's okay?
Anyway these are a few "trendy" fashion items that I really wouldn't mind if it just fell off the earth.

1. The Kitten Heel

I really never understood the "kitten heel". I feel that if you are going to wear heels you need to go HARD or GO HOME. Either wear 4 inch heels or wear flats. What's this half way look? Not cute.

2. Jeggings

Drawn zipper, pockets, and the rips are drawn in too? Enough said.

3. Sweatpants with heels

Since when did this trend come along? Lazy meets chic? I don't think so.

4. Vera Bradley

I cannot stress enough how much I hate Vera Bradley. When did your grandmothers style becoming fashionable and so.. popular? I can't go to the mall without counting at least 20 annoying white girls rocking these hideous bags. What is so cute about these? ..nothing.

I remember these.. cute tennis players wear them and they were worn in the early 90's. It is 2010. Rita and I were blinded by these three girls wearing skorts with their booty cheeks basically out. What made them even THINK it was okay to wear this out? The sad things is I thought maybe it's just those 3 hoochies wearing those but I unfortunalty saw a girl yesterday wearing one of these things too. What a mess.

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Uncle Jesse said...

I concur completely in all of your appraisals. Well done.