Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cougars for Twilight

Now I'm not going to lie I am a fan of Twilight. I didn't read any of the books or have any posters of Edward or Jacob on my bedroom walls. But I do like the movies. Yes, I am one of those girls that did watch the Eclipse at opening night with my best friend and it was defenitly worth it. I understand why the teenage girls screamed their heads off every time Jacob had his shirt off during the movie but what really confused me was why their moms were screaming and giggling with them... Yeah, I know Edward is actually 100 years old.. but he's in a 18 year old body and Jacob I don't think is even 18 yet. I'm not sure if twilight moms are in love with the movie/story or if they're in love with the two teenage boys that play in the movie. Maybe these moms love twilight because they always wanted a romantic and really edge-of-your-seat love life like Bella has had.. or maybe they are done with the beer-gutted husbands they've been with for years and are wanting that young lovin again like back in high school. Guess it depends on the dedicated loving twilight mom.

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