Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bet She Won't @ You?!

Alright, so pretty much everyone has a twitter account so I am sure a lot of you know what I'm about to be discussing. It's the tweet that is about YOU but doesn't mention your name at all. So lets say you run into a "FRENEMY" (term discovered from THE BOOBS) at a party or any kind of outing and the two of you exchange dirty looks.. Nothing too major but you are giving her the look that is stating to her that you just can't stand her even if the two of you have mutual friends.
So the next day.. You pretty much forget about the encounter you had with the hoochie until you see your newsfeed is blowin up with her tweets.. tweeting about a certain girl and putting all her business out there and you start to put the puzzle together and realize this trick is talking about YOU. How do you respond to a tweet that is about you but isn't directed to you? Do you respond by not mentioning her name either..? But that would just be ignorant. Are you sure she is even talking about you? All these questions come to your head about these dumb ass tweets this girl is posting and you don't know what to do.. because honestly if you have the nerve to talk about someone via TWITTER then don't you have the guts to "@" me or what?! Come on ladies it just doesnt make sense to me. Direct it towards me or don't tweet at all. Feel meh?!

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